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RIVERS & WETLANDS | The importance of preserving our wetlands

Because wetlands are vital to the balance of rivers and crucial for the diversity of animal and plant species, they must be preserved. They also assist to absorb water from the surrounding areas which prevents flooding.

The Garden Route extends along the coastal strip between Heidelberg and the Eastern Cape border at Storms River Mouth, and incorporates all of the towns and resorts along the N2 highway and coast. To the North the Garden Route is bordered by three mountain ranges, the Langeberg, the Outeniqua and the Tsitsikamma mountains. The whole region is one of extreme natural beauty and many very popular resorts have become established along the route. Large parts of the Garden Route are controlled by the South African National Parks thus ensuring the preservation of this pristine area well into the future. Just east of George, lies the Wilderness National Park This region attract hundreds of bird species to it's wetlands.

In the extreme West of the Garden Route where the Breede River flows into the Indian Ocean is St Sebastion Bay, an annual breeding place for the Southern Right Whale, which can be seen between June and September from Witsand. In 2005 more than 130 whales were seen in the nursery including more than 50 pairs of cows and their calfs.