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Garden Route BIOSPHERE RESERVE | Partnering people and the environment

The Garden Route has a rich diversity of natural habitats, with great natural beauty that underpins the tourism economy. But land use pressures are increasing through urbanisation, the spread of invasive alien species, and the over-extraction of resources, including water and line fish stocks. Areas of the most critically endangered biodiversity and attractive scenic landscapes are threatened by inappropriately sited residential developments.

At the same time there are enormous challenges to meet the needs of a growing population. Work undertaken in the GRBR partnership through the C.A.P.E. programme includes systematic fine scale biodiversity planning, consolidating protected areas in the critical lowlands and marine areas, promoting conservation stewardship among private landowners, and working towards promoting growth in the number of jobs, training and entrepreneurial opportunities through biodiversity management, sustainable natural resource use and responsible tourism.

At Garden Route Initiative, we have a multi-disciplinary team of qualified professionals and volunteers that ensure that our efforts to conserve the environment are sustainable and effective. Areas of interest are:

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